The Leadership Challenge Workshop

Benefits of the Leadership Challenge

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Mason Chock is a master facilitor in The Leadership Challenge, and a certified facilitator of The Student Leadership Challenge.


Those who use The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® more frequently are seen by others as better leaders. For example:

  • They’re more effective in meeting job-related demands.
  • They’re more successful in representing their units to upper management.
  • They create higher-performing teams.
  • They foster renewed loyalty and commitment.
  • They increase motivational levels and willingness to work hard.
  • They promote higher levels of involvement in schools.
  • They enlarge the size of their congregations.
  • They raise more money and expand gift-giving levels.
  • They extend the range of their agency’s services.
  • They reduce absenteeism, turnover, and dropout rates.
  • They possess high degrees of personal credibility.

In addition, people working with leaders who demonstrate The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® are significantly more satisfied with the actions and strategies of their leaders, and they feel more committed, excited, energized, influential, and powerful. In other words, the more people engage in the practices of exemplary leaders, the more likely it is that they’ll have a positive influence on others in the organization.

The Leadership Challenge Workshop
Two-day Sample Agenda

Day one: Orienteering

8:30 Welcome 5 min
8:35 Icebreaker 30-40 min
9:10 Places we have never been 15-20 min
9:25 Personal Best 1 hour
10:25 Break 15 min
10:40 The Five Practices 30 min
11:10 The LPI 20-30 min
11:35 Reflecting on Feedback 45 min
12:20 Module summary 5 min
12:25 Lunch 1 hour

Model the Way

1:25 Introduce the Practice 5 min
1:30 LPI Feedback Model the Way 10 min
1:40 Characteristics of Admired Leaders 20-30 min
2:05 Values Clarity and Commitment 10 min
2:15 Values Card Sort Activity 20 min
2:35 Credo Memo Activity 25 min
3:00 Unify Constituents 5 min
3:05 How One Leader Models the Way (Video) 10-15 min
3:20 Break 15 min
3:35 Set the Example by Aligning Actions with Values 20-30 min
4:05 Module Summary 3-5 min

Inspire a Shared Vision

4:10 Introduce the Practice 10 min
4:20 LPI Feedback: Inspire a Shared Vision 10 min
4:30 What is a Vision? 20 min
4:50 Envision the Ideal and Unique Future 30-35 min plus 30 min homework
5:25 Closing and Preview next day 5 min
5:30 End of Day One

Day Two

8:30 Welcome back and review of day one 5 min
8:35 Clarifying your Vision of the Future 30 min
9:05 Module Summary: Inspire a Shared Vision 5 min

Challenge the Process

9:10 Introduce the Practice (video) 20 min
9:30 LPI Feedback: Challenge the Process 10-15 min
9:45 Take the Initiative 15-20 min
10:05 Make the Challenge Meaningful 10 min
10:15 Break 15 min
10:30 Use Outsight 10 min
10:40 Taking one step at a time 10 min
10:50 Learning from Mistakes 30 min
11:20 Taking Risks Activity 1 hour
12:20 Lunch 1 hour
1:20 Module Summary 5 min

Enable Others to Act

1:25 Introduce the Practice 5 min
1:30 LPI Feedback: Enable Others to Act 10 min
1:40 Powerful Times, Powerless Times 30 min
2:10 One Leader Who Strengthens Others (video) 30 min
2:40 Develop Competence 20 min
3:00 Develop Trust Activity 20 min
3:20 Break 15 min
3:35 Module Summary: Enable Others to Act 10 min

Encourage the Heart

3:45 Introduce the Encourage the Heart Module 5 min
3:50 Explore LPI Feedback: Encourage the Heart 10 min
4:00 Most Meaningful Recognition 20 min
4:20 How one Leader Encourages the Heart (video) 20 min
4:40 The Seven Essentials Exercise 20 min
5:00 Committing to Action Planning 20 min
5:20 Workshop Close 20 min

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