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In 2002, a group of people (including Mason Chock, President) concerned with the future of Kauaʻi and its people sought to establish a grass roots project that would serve as a tool to equip individuals with the wherewithal to lead healthy lives for themselves and their respective spheres of influence.

Through the help of a small grant, The Waipā Challenge Course was built with the intention of serving the community. Under the business name Kauai Team Challenge Inc. (KTC), and in partnership with the Waipā Foundation, groups of people began to utilize the Waipā challenge ropes course to increase effective social skills, invest in self-growth and build productive teams. Today, the corporation continues to provide team building services and outdoor education based on the experiential learning cycle.  Personalized trainings are tailored to each group’s needs and goals. KTC provides services for youth and adult groups, corporate and small businesses, eco-tourists, and our local community.  The Kauai Team Waipa Challenge Course is made up of low ropes and high ropes activities focused on building team building and self esteem skills. Our hope is that our clients not only learn about their own strengths and challenges to make a difference in their lives but also learn about the Hawaiian culture through a fun and challenging experience.

The location of the challenge ropes course at Waipa has fostered a growing partnership between The Waipa Foundation and Kauai Team Challenge Inc. The Waipa Foundation has a mission statement “to restore the ahupuaʻa (watershed) of Waipa as a community center and learning center for culturally-based land and resource stewardship, and the preservation, perpetuation and practice of our Hawaiian culture. Waipa is an intact ahupuaʻa under the ownership of the Kamehameha Schools and the management of the Waipa Foundation and the Hawaiian Farmers of Hanalei. It is the perfect venue to explore our natural world in the context of the ahupuaʻa and the Hawaiian style of resource management encompassing the land and resources from the mountains to the sea.” This has translated to the opportunity for mentors and mentees to spend time learning traditional Hawaiian practices naturally in helping in a taro patch or touring the land with a kupuna (elder). KTC has been blessed by continuing to serving the community through this partnership.

Since our inception, Kauai Team Challenge has grown significantly as a company. Our services, scope of work and message has expanded our capacity to becoming an established leadership training resource unique to Hawaiʻi’s culture. KTC currently does business under Kupu Aʻe, figuratively meaning “to grow towards enlightenment.” This new name offers KTC the opportunity of an expansion of services while remaining true to the company’s original focus.

Mason Chock

Chock is a Kamehameha and UH Manoa graduate and a former firefighter.  The owner of Kauai Team Challenge, Inc. DBA Kupu A'e, an outdoor experiential education company specializing in team building and self development, Chock has worked in partnership with The Waipa Foundation for over three years to administer a Mentoring Children of Prisoners program.

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