Kukui Malamalama Mentoring

Kukui Malamalama: The “Mentoring Children of Kaua‘i” Program

Since 2003, Kauai Team Challenge has served at-risk children on the island of Kauai through the active production and management of a youth mentoring program; this program serves those children who have a parent in prison.

We have provided services to foster children and many children living with a care giver other than their parent. Many of these children are of mixed ethnicity and include Hawaiian and Samoan children. Some of these children may be experiencing social, psychological, emotional, educational difficulties as a direct or indirect result of their parents’ incarceration and lack of stability in their home life. Some of these children have had negative and confusing experiences with the police—especially if they witnessed their parent’s arrest.

Our mentoring experience provides 1:1 (“one to one”) and group mentoring experiences that build trust and self-esteem, model positive role models, and encourage team building skills. Our program is unique on the island that it incorporates adventure based therapy via a ropes challenge course with traditional Hawaiian cultural values. In partnership with The Waipa Foundation, Kauai Team Challenge has implemented a mentoring program which serves 25 at-risk youth with one-on-one mentoring services. Recently, the program has grown to include hundreds of children and young adults under the name “Kukui Malamalama”.

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