Defining 21st Century Leadership

As humanity enters a new era of awareness and spiritual alignment, we are being forced to seek solutions that will bring balance to the world.  The shift from industrialism to social consciousness has personified and defined the foundational aspects of leadership for the 21st century.  In order for future generations to survive the fast paced, ever-expanding and changing world we will need to invest in developing sound leadership.

The Need for Leadership Training:  The need to develop the character of individuals who are grounded in their beliefs, committed to living their values effectively for themselves, and who are of service to a positive future for all, is more important than ever. The fast pace of technology, the expansion of consumerism; its accompanying, growing cynicism and lack of responsibility, has led to a decline in our quality of life and to the exploitation of our environment. Never has humanity faced such dysfunction and disconnect within the systems we have created. Today we face the highest crime rate and more social ills than we’ve ever suffered before. Our families have lost the ability to lead conscious, healthy lives; and—as individuals—we have lost touch with the value of our natural resources.

Where once there were native people who thrived on universal values and respect for their surroundings, today many have forgotten their purpose and role in life’s journey—and have forgotten the importance of leadership through service. By reconnecting to Hawaiian culture, its values and practices, and by bridging it with today’s most popular leadership ideals, Kupu A‘e has created programs that inspire and motivate people to seek their true potential and purpose in life while committing to a life of learning and positive action.

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