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Mason Chock

I am the President of Kaua‘i Team Challenge Inc., D.B.A. Kupu Aʻe Leadership Development. and the Former Executive Director of Leadership Kauaʻi. As a Kamehameha schools and University of Hawaiʻi Manoa graduate, I’ve worked in education and public service for 17 years, developed and facilitated numerous leadership development programs and am a Certified Master Facilitator of The Leadership Challenge and The Student Leadership Challenge.

Mason Chock, mason@kupuae.com

Our humble roots are in outdoor, adventure based therapy, experiential learning, team building cultural practice,and self-awareness. Since starting, Kupu A‘e Leadership Development has administered programs such as the Kukui Mālamalama, Mentoring Children of Kauaʻi Program, Waipā Adventure Expeditions, the East Family ‘Ohana Club, St. Catherine Leadership Club, The Leadership Challenge into Kauaʻi high schools, Kauaʻi Big Brothers and Big Sisters and The Fatherhood Coalition.  As a facilitator of the Leadership Challenge, a personal coach, consultant and keynote speaker, we deliver customized leadership corporate trainings covering topics such as creating a positive work culture, coaching young people for success, conflict resolution, values to action, goal-setting vision strategies, organizational health, and building up your team’s capacity.

We continue to assist with the facilitation and progress of Leadership Kauaʻi’s annual classes, and as a moderator of their training sessions, I connect local and national speakers and initiatives to Kauaʻi’s culture and needs. Through the administration of these annual classes, community initiatives and needs are addressed by bridging resources and creating positive collaborations. Utilizing interactive team building activities and The Leadership Challenge®, I bridge contrasting communication skills and perspectives to create a shared vision for the direction of this organization—and for the collective community.

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