We are a leadership development consulting company facilitating positive growth for individuals, teams and the community through experiential & project based learning and The Leadership Challenge.

Waipā Ahupua‘a  The location of the challenge ropes course at Waipā has fostered a growing partnership between The Waipā Foundation and Kauaʻi Team Challenge Inc. As a result, participant’s time with Kauaʻi Team Challenge at Waipā is a very unique experience found nowhere else in the world.  The Waipā Foundation has a mission “to restore the ahupuaʻa (land division and watershed) of Waipā as a community learning center for culturally-based land and resource stewardship, and the preservation, perpetuation and practice of our Hawaiian culture. Waipā is an intact 1600 acre ahupua’a under the ownership of the Kamehameha Schools and the management of the Waipā Foundation and the Hawaiian Farmers of Hanalei. It is the perfect venue to explore our natural world in the context of the ahupua’a and the Hawaiian style of resource management encompassing resources from the mountains to the sea.” This has translated to the opportunity for visiting groups to spend time learning traditional Hawaiian practices naturally in helping in a taro patch or touring the land with a kupuna (elder). KTC has been blessed by continuing to serve the community through this partnership.

Leadership Kauaʻi In 2005 KTC joined forces with an esteemed private nonprofit organization called Leadership Kauaʻi.  This partnership resulted in the establishment of an annual youth and adult leadership development program focused on ensuring a source of qualified and committed leaders on Kauaʻi by enlisting a diverse cross-section of the community to serve the future needs of Kauaʻi.  Combining the rich context of the Hawaiian culture with the strong foundation of The Leadership Challenge, and experiential & project based learning has defined Leadership Kauaʻi as the premiere leadership development authority on Kauaʻi and in Hawaiʻi.  Leadership Kauaʻi continues to contribute annual community projects that make a positive impact on Kauaʻi.

The Leadership Challenge Since our inception, Kauaʻi Team Challenge has grown significantly as a company. The culmination of our experience, many tools and the addition of The Leadership Challenge as our foundation has broadened our outreach.  Our scope of work and message has expanded our services establishing KTC as a solid leadership development resource unique to Hawai`i’s culture.We are certified facilitators of The Classic Leadership Challenge and The Student Leadership Challenge and are currently in the process of receiving our Master Facilitator Certification.  We now provide customized leadership development programming through facilitation, consulting and coaching of experiential & project based processes as well as Jim Kouzes and Barry Pousner’s The Leadership Challenge.

Kupu Aʻe KTC currently does business under the name,Kupu Aʻe, figuratively meaning “to grow towards the light,” just as a fern shoot unfolds reaching to new heights and towards the sunshine above, our intention is to assist positive growth for all of our clients through our work.  This new name combines all of our resources, tools and expertise and offers  the opportunity of an expansion of services while remaining true to the company’s original focus.

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